Saturday, April 11, 2009

!Another found dead!

8 year old found dead inside a suit case…

I read an article this morning about an 8 year old little California girl named Sandra Cantu who was killed by one of her neighbors and thrown into a pond inside a suit case.. Of course killing little children isn’t something new. It’s been going on for hundreds of years. My heart goes out to the children and to their parents. It makes me so angry every time there is another child murder or molestation. What in Gods Name is wrong with people? What is it that gets a hold of them and causes them to do such horrific and sick things to children? It seems to never end. Almost every day we hear of another child disappearing or found dead. This world is in enough trouble and many are so stressed to the point of killing themselves, we don’t need to have to worry about our children or live in fear that the next missing or dead child will be our own. The more I think of the molesting and the killing of innocent missing children just turns my stomach and I want to do something but don’t know what or how.

I just want to know how any one can rape, molest, and kill another human being and practically get away with it. I think sometimes it is too bad were not under the Old Testament Law. A life for a life. Maybe if a person knew that if they take the life of another and their life would be required of them for it, would they think twice before committing murder. Of course I am just a stay a single mom and maybe what I think isn’t enough to count but it sickens me that children are the victims most of the time. I too was molested as a child and raped at 15 and had a baby as a result of that rape. Therefore I can relate to some of what they go through. Nevertheless, the murdering of innocent children just so they don’t tell is so stupid. These people should pay and I don’t mean a little jail time. I understand that we can’t watch our children 24/7, but we should be able to trust humanity enough to not have too.

I’m reminded of something that happened when I was a small child, about 5 years old. We had moved into a brick home, at this time we lived in Indiana. We lived there rent free as long as Mom and Dad would take care of the old woman who owned the place. She had a daughter who was a prostitute. In this house there was a cellar, and the door was so big and heavy that I would cover my ears whenever it was opened or shut. My dad would down there every night to put coal in the furnace but the old woman would watch him and rush him out as soon as he was through. He could never be down there with out her. Her daughter came and took her off for a few days and while they were gone the police came with a search warrant and wanted to search the house. After searching every room they went down into the cellar and when they found nothing a police officer brought in a sledge hammer.

They began to break down the brick wall. What was buried within that wall were 7 tiny corpses. The old woman’s daughter would get pregnant and then have the baby and bury it in the wall. The old woman knew about it but Mom and Dad did not. Needless to say we moved. All my life I have tried to figured out why a Mother would kill her children. I haven’t found the answer. There is no reason on earth to kill innocent children. A child trusts those around them, they don’t think anyone would harm them. I can’t begin to imagine what goes through their little minds at that time. I and personally believe that the murderer should be given to the parents to do as they see fit. If I offend, well sorry that’s just how I feel.

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